dimanche 4 septembre 2011

This new blog presents the period of the "troubles" and the prison issue including the different hunger strikes. You'll find :
- hankies ,
- crafts in wood ,
- leather crafts ,
- paintings,
- 1980 & 1981 hunger strikes , Michael Gaughan (1974) and Franck Stagg (1976) hunger strikes ,
- pictures from a visit in Long Kesh in 2007 ,
- papers and leaflets about the prison issues ,
- prison administration items ,
- signed books ,
- etc.

Also a book used in the Kesh to learn French : ' La princesse de Clèves ' de Madame de La Fayette ! Quelle leçon !
I'm not selling any of them. I'm still looking for new items. There will be many more pictures in the coming weeks. All those items are originals items and from my personnal collection.

Picture of Tom Williams grave in Crumlin Road Jail (Easter 2013) :

Pictures from my visit in february 2007 : Bobby Sands death bed, the parlour of H4 and the H4 block :

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